Pirater WordPress avec SQL Injection

Pirater WordPress avec SQL Injection
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Comment pirater un site WordPress en utilisant la technique « SQL Injection »


Voici un petit article permettant de comprendre la technique du SQL Injection.

Etape 1 – Trouver les vulnérabilités dans le site WordPress

If your website has been hacked or you want to make sure no one can hack this, you must take a look on plugin files and their coding. Might be somewhere coder is using sql queries without awareness of SQL Injection way to hack wordpress website. If this is somewhere, hacker will use union query and can fetch your all database rows from wp_users table and below is an example query to fetch all wordpress users using union query to know email addresses of all users.

What exactly hacker doing is here to know email of the admin, for this, he is using an union query.

Few months ago, Plugin all-video-gallery had a Vulnerabilities in config.php because of following code.

In this query, Plugin developer was using $_pid variable directly in query without any type casting.


So hacker could pass this union query using pid attribute parameter in url like this.http://{Domain_Name_Here}/wp-content/plugins/all-video-gallery/config.php?vid=1&pid=11&pid={union Query here}

Again, They’ll pass this union query as previous step.

This file output is a xml file as below





STEP 3 – Use Activation key and Reset Password

This one is last step where he’ll actually reset your password and will get full control on your wordpress website. In this step, He’ll use activation key to reset password and will follow this link http://{DOMAIN_NAME_HERE}/wp-login.php?action=rp&key={ACTIVATION_KEY_HERE}&login={USERNAME_HERE}

So a hacker could be able to access your wordpress website and can have full control on your website. Normally they insert malicious code on your files or modify a plugin file to become that as a wordpress backdoor to hack your website again.


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